Children at High Risk of Asbestos Exposure

There is a high risk factor when it comes to secondary asbestos exposure. For instance if a individual worked in a demolition career and worked on the tear down of older buildings. Even with the proper respiratory apparatus for him self, he could potentially bring home asbestos fibers on his clothing. It is very likely that companies have the proper health hazard guidelines set in place, but there are still many risks.

Asbestos fibers are produced by a material called asbestos. There are many forms that asbestos can perform. The mineral was mined for decades for industrial use and known as a miracle mineral across the united states for its durability, flexibility and heat resistance properties. Asbestos was very popular for many various products and attributes to products it fast became the inexpensive building material for millions of companies. For an example, in brake linings you need to sand down each lining prior to installing. When you sand down the linings there are asbestos fibers that are released into the air and become very hazardous if inhaled. There are health and safety guidelines set in place for working in an environment that may have a possible chance of exposure. Asbestos was banned for use in the 1970’s in the United States, but still remains among millions of buildings.

Even though an asbestos related cancer in children is rare now, the future may cause a world of hazardous dust. If you or anyone in your family are in an environment that may be at risk of asbestos exposure immediately contact you local states healthy and safety. If you are experiencing any symptoms of asbestos exposure see your primary doctor immediately. You may be referred to a specialist for further testing.

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